Co-operation & Community

“Every idea, no matter how powerful, has its limits”



Kevin Loughran has a longstanding interest in the idea of community.  He believes that the natural sciences, the social sciences and the arts can offer different ways of understanding more of the world and relationships between individuals and groups. His book The Idea of Community, Social Policy and Self was published in 2003 and since then he has further developed his ideas on this and related subjects in the series of essays published on this site:




What does it mean to be human?  (2017)


The power of imagination and atoms  (2017)

 (postscript to 'What does if mean to be human?')


How and Where did Life Begin?  (2015)


Different ways of thinking about self and questions about the idea of self (2015)


Co-operation did not evolve, co-operation is  (2011, revised 2015 & 2019)


The genetic evolution of eusociality  (2011)


Is there such a thing as community?  (2011)


Atoms and Community  (2011)


Describing Human Existence  (2011)



One question can lead to another: Why do people associate with each other in groups?  Can evolution explain the origins of co-operation?  Are relationships with other people ends in themselves, or social means to individual ends? 
















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